How to wear black and look amazing

Every woman knows about the Little Black Dress, the ultimate evening wear. This post is about so much more than this. Black is the go-to colour for all fashion stylists. There is no book or magazine that doesn’t mention black as the most essential colour in any wardrobe. Every season another colour is trying to be ‘the new black’, and yet … it really isn’t. Nothing is as versatile and flattering.

However, wearing black is not as easy as it sounds. It is all too easy to end up looking drab, neglected and boring. There are a few secrets for success that we must keep in mind every time we decide to wear black.

  • Always ensure perfect tailoring. The outfit must be the right size. The stitches need to stand straight on your shoulders, the neckline hanging closely around the neck, the trousers defining your legs.
  • Always be well groomed. Don’t even think about wearing black without immaculate hair, clear skin and neat manicure. Black makes every detail stand out, so make sure you are well groomed and don’t forget a bright smile.
  • Nothing better than red lipstick. It goes fantastically well with black. Makes the right contrast and exudes femininity. If red lips are not your type, apply makeup that defines your femininity, your eyes or your lips; never both.
  • Pay attention to accessories. Shoes, bag and jewellery can make or break the whole look. To be on the safe side, choose shoes and bag that are also black. But you could go for a bold coloured bag that would make the look pop. In that case, choose jewellery that is minimal or none at all. Alternatively go for a big bold necklace and keep all else plain.
  • Texture matters. The fabric matters. Silk, cotton, wool, velvet, synthetics, they all reflect light differently. When combining materials and textures check them carefully in strong white light. Make sure a thin fabric doesn’t get too revealing under the unexpected light at night or day.

Never forget that black is meant to be seductive and flattering and stylish. Not safe and boring. Never forget your red lipstick and don’t hesitate to reapply!

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How to create the perfect look with a star accessory

All women love accessories for good reason. They can multiply styling options and update a look in an instance. They can transform an outfit and express our personality. Accessories tell your story. If you are bold or timid, if you are taking risks or playing it safe. We love accessories for the options they give us.

Creating a look based on an accessory is not advisable, but if you have an item worthy of the star treatment, why not?

Sometimes it is a good idea to build your look around a star accessory such as a bag, a piece of jewellery, a belt or an interesting pair of shoes.

But when?

  • Do this when you finally own your dream bag, shoes, necklace … Especially if it is THE fashionable item you wanted for so long! Have fun with it!
  • It’s the perfect way to dress up an otherwise very casual look. The right accessory can create a very interesting balance. It can add style to the mixture and take a morning look well into the night.
  • It is also an excellent way to update a very classic look. Black pants and a white top can look magnificent with a trendy necklace.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your new earrings or scarf, or ring at dinner. Nobody is going to notice your shoes under the table. Any accessory from the waist up can have the star treatment!

style photo

Its those extra lovely details that make us unique and are so much fun. We may not be able to buy a new suit or coat every year, but we can buy that wonderful scarf. We can buy that eccentric necklace and make sure we don’t look the same as anybody else.

We can make our look our own with minimal risk! What a treat!

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6 Top Tips for Shopping at the Sales

So many bargains, so many offers! Its so easy to get mesmerised and return home with tons of cheap clothes you are never going got wear!

What are we to do? When is a bargain really a bargain and when are we just wasting our money on a garment we are never going to wear?

Why does everything look so appealing in the store and its beauty is gone at home?

Here are some expert tips to help you use your money wisely during sales and end up with some worthy purchases!

  1. Before sales do your research. Take a walk at the stores and check out the prices. Read some magazines and visit online stores so you have a clear understanding of pricing before the sales start.
  2. While you are at it, scan magazines for future trends and identify items that are to be coveted in coming seasons. When you find them, do not hesitate to buy them.
  3. Make a list of what you really need and what you really wish to have. Write it down and take the list with you. Don’t forget to look at it while at the stores. You don’t want to end up buying all sorts of things that are cheap but of no use to you.
  4. The only exception for buying something that isn’t on your list is accessories. If the price is right, its OK to have fun with an item that is meant to be playful and add some drama to your look.
  5. Keep in mind that the best days for shopping at the sales are the first and the last. Day one is full of options but slightly higher prices. Don’t put off until later an important purchase because chances are you are not going to find it. The last day is full of risk. You might find something special at a silly price, but then again you might not. Or it might not fit. Which is usually the case.
  6. Go for timeless classics like tailored pants, leather jackets, cashmere tops, evening shoes or a coat. If you come across anything from an established designer go for it. Just remember to try it on. Makes sure it fits. Today, not after diet and intense exercise.

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