Do you have an interest in photography but don’t have the capital to be a photographer yet? Don’t worry; we are here to tell you that a DSLR camera isn’t a necessity. You can take amazing pictures with your smartphone as well.

Beginner or pro, here are some essential tips on how to click amazing pictures:

Use a grid

If you want to woo the spectators, you should use a grid. A grid means horizontal and vertical lines spread over your camera; these lines help you align the photo. A mediocre photographer would keep the object of attention at the center of the picture frame.

If you want an awestriking image, you will place the object on one intersection of lines. Such an image will allow the viewers’ eyes to wander all over the canvas.

Avoid the blur

A mere movement can cause a significant blur in the picture. To avoid it, people use a tripod stands. However, if a camera stand is not available, you should use both your hands to firmly hold the smartphone before you click the picture.

Don’t stretch out your arms to click the picture because you need your body’s support.


This tip comes in handy for travel photographers. The polarizing effect helps enhance the hues of the photograph. The polarizing filter allows auto exposure and minimizes the chance of catching a reflection from different reflecting surfaces in the surroundings.

Even if you’re traveling on a budget, you can still capture some of the best pictures of your life.    

Say no to Flash

While you’re taking pictures, try avoiding the use of flash, mostly indoors. Indoors are usually lit according to the occasion. Using the flash can make your photo look artificial and unnatural. You might have seen that photographers never use direct lighting towards the subject of the picture.

If you are in a dim-lit surrounding and must use an artificial light source, make sure the light faces the ceiling. This way, the lighting won’t look strange.

A fresh perspective

If you want to be a successful influencer, you have to take innovative photos for your social media posts. Innovation requires a unique perspective, and that is what your followers expect from you. Followers expect influencers to be glamorous but also raw and genuine.

Take a click from an unusual angle, or try to create an illusion of depth or height in your pictures. Play with filters and make your image unique.

Experiment with negative space

Negative space means the surroundings of the focused object or person. If you take a selfie with just your face in it, is it any good? Without a beautiful background, your picture won’t be a trending post.


While you are capturing famous architecture around the world, make sure that your pictures are original. Countless tourists capture the Eifel tower every day. Ask yourself what makes your photo unique? Make your image stand out by trying a new lens, adding filters and unique effects, or capture a breath-taking sunset in the background. 

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