About Leesburg Antique Emporium

Leesburg Antique Emporium (LAE) is unique in its existence.  In “the real world”, it is a cove of treasures from the past, all in search for their forever home.  Yet, online, we are a culture, as well as a hub of news and information.  Our taste is timeless, classic, and chic, which is reflected in both our content and our boutique.

There is a long story behind LAE.  Ida Schiffler inherited it from her loving Grandmother.  She grew up playing hide-and-seek amongst the store’s oddities and collectibles, and later worked there as a teenager.  Ida’s passion in life was staying up on all the latest styles, trends, and information.  With a Master’s in communications and a Bachelor’s in design, she launched a professional career by combining her two passions.  But when Grandma Molly passed away at 94 years-old, Ida knew exactly what she had to do with the shop.By linking the past with the future, she is redefining the now.