Every woman knows about the Little Black Dress, the ultimate evening wear. This post is about so much more than this. Black is the go-to colour for all fashion stylists. There is no book or magazine that doesn’t mention black as the most essential colour in any wardrobe. Every season another colour is trying to be ‘the new black’, and yet … it really isn’t. Nothing is as versatile and flattering.

However, wearing black is not as easy as it sounds. It is all too easy to end up looking drab, neglected and boring. There are a few secrets for success that we must keep in mind every time we decide to wear black.

  • Always ensure perfect tailoring. The outfit must be the right size. The stitches need to stand straight on your shoulders, the neckline hanging closely around the neck, the trousers defining your legs.
  • Always be well groomed. Don’t even think about wearing black without immaculate hair, clear skin and neat manicure. Black makes every detail stand out, so make sure you are well groomed and don’t forget a bright smile.
  • Nothing better than red lipstick. It goes fantastically well with black. Makes the right contrast and exudes femininity. If red lips are not your type, apply makeup that defines your femininity, your eyes or your lips; never both.
  • Pay attention to accessories. Shoes, bag and jewellery can make or break the whole look. To be on the safe side, choose shoes and bag that are also black. But you could go for a bold coloured bag that would make the look pop. In that case, choose jewellery that is minimal or none at all. Alternatively go for a big bold necklace and keep all else plain.
  • Texture matters. The fabric matters. Silk, cotton, wool, velvet, synthetics, they all reflect light differently. When combining materials and textures check them carefully in strong white light. Make sure a thin fabric doesn’t get too revealing under the unexpected light at night or day.

Never forget that black is meant to be seductive and flattering and stylish. Not safe and boring. Never forget your red lipstick and don’t hesitate to reapply!

What is your favourite accessory to pair with black? Share it with us in a reply below.

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