The world divides football into two categories:

There’s plenty of reasons why people love sports over other activities, but the love of world football tops all those reasons. World football fans will oppose people who argue in favor of different sports

This global game connects countries and continents of the planet. Here are some reasons why world football is so famous. 

Passion Surrounds World Football

The location of where the fan lives never matter. What matters is the passion that surrounds the game. The love of global football exceeds all limits. Fans worldwide, whether in homes looking at the game on a TV screen or in a stadium, will have an equal passion for the game on the matchday. 

Every major stadium worldwide is packed with die-hard fans on the weekend who would do anything for their beloved club and team players. No sport can rival the enthusiasm, love, and anticipation of world football. 

Matches against Rivals

Football matches hit differently when two bitter rivals play against one another. These matches create hate and passion toward the opposing club. Take the Liverpool and Manchester United  matches as an example. 

These two famous English football clubs are each other’s rivals. The matches against them lead to unimaginable anticipation and passion in fans. Another rivalry is against the legendary Barcelona vs. Manchester United. 

This continental rivalry was created in the last few UEFA Champions League finals. These rivalries add intrigue and anticipation to every match played against one another. 

Historical Stadiums

In the USA, you won’t find any historic stadiums built over a century ago. Across Europe and South America, you will find numerous historic stadiums that add appeal and history to the stadium. These historic stadiums include Anfield, Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Maracana, and many others built centuries ago and will stay and conduct matches for years. 

Every time any fan or athlete enters the stadium, a sense of wonder and awe takes over them. 

Transfer Madness

Two times every year, the window for transferring players opens. This transfer madness is different from the free-agent policies that the American sports follow. There are free agents in the football world, but the best deals occur when the clubs give fellow clubs money to purchase a player. Take the extensive money move of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Robin van Persie’s move to Manchester United, and Fernando Torres becoming a Chelsea player.

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